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Fengshui for shrinking spaces in Singapore

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Project Description

Singapore is an island city where we do not have the luxury of having expansive land space for our home. Each new unit built is smaller and the square metres offered is shrinking as well.

There is a scientific system of Chinese beliefs that is commonly known as Fengshui and it is a subject that is always perceived as superstitious and religious. This project explores the meanings behind some key principles used within that practice and attempts to share the knowledge of basic space management with the use of Fengshui.

Project Type

Motion graphics, graphic design, 3D


Alan Chong is a graduating student from NTU ADM. He has done freelance graphic design for Alliance Francaise de Singapur for events Francophonie and 3rd French Animation Film Festival. His creative inspiration leans toward alternative spirituality and nature. However, apart from his major, he is consistently learning 3D software and motion graphics to be versatile and remain competitive. In his spare time, he appreciates nature by taking photographs of plants and keeping an aquarium of fish and snails. Alan Chong continues to progress his passion as a creative and his enthusiasm for getting a job well done.

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