Visual Communication – Alvin Tan Wei Ting

The Last Dollar


Project Description

The Last Dollar is a campaign in reaction to our increasingly materialistic society. Singapore was the most emotionless country as well as the least happy in in the world as of 2012. Several studies have pointed materialism as one of the main causes for unhappiness thus leading to the creation of The Last Dollar. The Last Dollar investigates and highlights our materialistic society by analysing and breaking down societal causes that spur materialist behaviour amongst Singaporeans. It is a collection of narratives and info graphics created to reflect our materialistic society.

Project Type

Social Commentary (graphic design)




Alvin Tan Believes that good design comes from the marriage between creativity and communication – an excellent design is only possible if it speaks to its audiences. As demonstrated in his works, Alvin shows a commitment to challenge the limits of design by integrating different medium such as digital and print. Alvin also believes in bringing design to life through interactivity, explaining his interest in collaboration with various expertise such as software and hardware technology.

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