Digital Animation – Ang Si Hui


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Project Description

THE ANGEL AND THE SWALLOW is an adaptation of a personal poem that tells the whimsical tale of an angel and a swallow. The angel tries to hit the swallow with an arrow and this leads to magical transformations of the angel, the angel’s halo and the bird. I immersed myself into the characters of this story, casting myself as the angel, the being who undergoes several transformations throughout the poem. Some characters were hand-made by me using play dough and captured as photographs before being animated in the film. Others were recorded as video footages and composited.

Project Type

Digital Animation Film


About 2 minutes 45 seconds


Every story has a meaning in it.
With each story, I learn something from it.

Si Hui hopes others may learn something from the stories that she creates whether it is through animation, acting, writing or photography. As an animator, she creates imaginary stories by being sensitive to every tiny movement of objects and characters, as well as moving them in a sequence. As a stage actress, she tells stories using physical and emotional expressions. As a script writer, she gives life to the different characters through words. As a photographer, she captures real images in real time through a camera to preserve that moment of memory.

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