Visual Communication – Cheong Tong Pei

Therapeutic Applications of Surface Design for Children Living with Sensory Processing Disorders


Project Description

This is a research and design project aimed at children living with sensory processing disorders (SPDs). This project explores the possibilities of surface design in the field of health care for this group of children. As this is a cross-disciplinary project, occupational therapists adept in this field of study were engaged to collaborate and give professional advices. This collaboration would also serve as an exploration of how the dynamics of this combination can contribute to the field of health care.

Through research and development, surfaces and textiles will be created and developed into toys that occupational therapists can use during sensory integration therapy with children living with SPDs. These toys could also be used beyond the clinic as part of a child’s sensory diet. In the process of developing the surfaces and textiles, and eventually the toys, the occupational therapist and children will be engaged at appropriate stages to provide their input for the design.

Project Type

Product Design


1m X 1m


Mixed Media, Textiles


Tong Pei’s design expertise threads along the lines of design and art. He likes to challenge limits and explore boundaries, often by infusing contemporary artistic elements into his works. He has a keen interest in textiles, working with surfaces, and healthcare related projects. He draws inspiration from observing the environment and relating to personal experiences. In his free time, Tong Pei enjoys watching foreign art films, giving tuition to children, consuming alcoholic beverages and snowboarding. He hopes to survive his next snowboarding attempt.

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