Visual Communication – Cheong Zhan Hong Zachary

Beauty in Space

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Project Description

Ikebana is an art of space, where space between branches and flowers comes alive. It has the ability to portray beauty in empty space. An Ikebana practitioner seeks to create space, rather than fill it.

Space is an expressive part of a whole composition. It embraces the line and form of individual plant materials, creating a dynamic tension that conveys mood and emotion.

The idea of beauty in space is the basis of this project. This project seeks to explore the different aspects of space and how various compositions interact with the surroundings via different dimensions and layered meanings.

Project Type

Installation, Editorial


Mixed Medium


Zachary is an aspiring designer based in Singapore. When Zachary is designing, he is inspired by the form, shape and structure of things around him. With the perspective and knowledge he acquired, he processes and translates what he sees into new creative ideas and design aesthetics.

He believes that in this modern society, the ability to generate ideas and provide alternative perspective and solution are important in broadening and challenging the conventional ideas and thinkings of people.

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