Visual Communication – Chessa Lim Shi En

Life will Begin Again


Project Description

Life Will Begin Again reflects on a lifetime series of coincidences within our intricately organised systems, cycles and processes. Internal and external, great and small, dying and growing, individual and social, cognitive and emotive. This project uses the certain and unbroken electrical beating of our heart to bring us to a point of rendezvous with such a natural phenomena, mapping out the curious work of an intelligent designer, the Lord God of the universe. A transcendental force relentlessly guarding, allowing each phase, stage, a decade, a year, a day, every second, though differing, promise and hope of something new.

Project Type



Outdoor Projection


7 seconds (Loop)


Born and bred in Singapore since 1990, Chessa began pursuing her creative dream in Singapore Polytechnic, where she received her diploma in Creative Media Design, as well as a few competition awards during her time there, in photography and film, 2009 and 2010 respectively. Trained as a photographer and graphic designer, Chessa has been on the road, working as a freelancer on a mix of corporate and personal projects. Currently, she has been exploring and expanding her interest in fine arts and social design. A deep thinker, Chessa loves to venture new places, ideas and messy topics, understanding the way of life. She always believes in something more than the ordinary.

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