Interactive Media – Clement Ho Yong En



Project Description

Prism is a simple, interactive 2D game that explores the elements which makes games addictive. Casual games have been on a rise in the gaming industry due to easy accessibility by virtue of the ubiquitous mobile/smart phone, allowing for maximum engagement to as many people as possible. The question is: What makes these games so addictive?

In Prism, you are a defender stopping invaders from destroying your home by using Prism technology, which will be your only defence. This Prism technology creates coloured lasers that can destroy the invaders; however the coloured lasers seem to only affect similarly coloured invaders. Destroy or be destroyed!

Project Type


Target Platform

PC or Mac with adobe flash


Prior to his Major-ing in Interactive Media in the School of Art, Design & Media, Clement studied and obtained a Diploma in Game Design and Development from Singapore Polytechnic.

His interest in game design began when he was 15. He had participated in indie game competitions and achieved the Excellent Game Award in IGF China 2009 and Silver in Crowbar 2009.

In order to pace himself with the ever-growing gaming industry, he uses different programmes to cater to different needs. These include Flash, Processing, MaxMSP and NodeJS. He also designs and develops games in different mediums such as mobile games, board games and standalone games.

Contact 9489 0787