Visual Communication – Du Yaxin

COPA – know it, “see” it.


Project Description

We are not “colorblind”, we just see color in different ways.

COPA is a young brand which helps colorblind people know more about colors. It helps them to learn how to paint with proper colors through practical color theory.

Around 9% of people have some sort of colorblindness in this world. Most of them consider it a deficiency, where some would even try to hide it. People with normal color vision don’t really understand colorblindness. COPA aims to encourage people with colorblindness to face it positively. COPA helps them enjoy colors through painting as well.

Project Type

Branding project

Dimensions & Medium

Books (A3 size) X 2
Blushers X 5
Palette X 1
Paints X 5
Poster (A1 size) X 1


Yaxin is a graphic designer who really loves design. She worked as a product designer before she became a graphic designer. Yaxin likes to apply both graphic design and product design skills to her design. She believes that a successful product is designed well in both visual way and practical way.

Yaxin likes photography and filmmaking. She takes photos and makes short videos when she is free.

Yaxin has work experience in branding, web design, motion graphic design and product design. She speaks Chinese, Japanese and English. She has a wealth of work experiences with people from different countries.

Contact +65 9151 9935