Product Design – Frances Diana Vallado Billones


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Project Description

Tenerife is a luminaire collection that personifies the physical visualisation of light and shadow. Light is seen when it bounces off surfaces. Tenerife thus forms this tangible intermediary between light and the user, as well as light and shadow with the manipulation of its form. Inspired by the Anahaw, the Philippine national leaf, which shade consists of two radially folded intersecting parts arranged in varying expressions that not only emulate the leaf, but also complement user preferences.

The Tenerife collection was conceived with the goal of creating pieces that are functional in all aspects of assembly, transportation, user installation and usage; but being above all, beautiful.

Project Type



775mm X 955mm X 960mm


Tyvek, Aluminium


I am in love with all things beautiful, be it a designer chair in a gallery, a painting on a museum wall, or something as ordinary as light bouncing off raindrops on the window of the bus or a vine reaching out for the sunlight in a park. All these little things are just, at times, simply breath-taking. I live for colours, textures and patterns, and the fact that they’re just everywhere makes life so much more enjoyable. When it comes to products, I love the ones that work so well and even if they might not be the prettiest thing out there, if it can bring a smile to my face or anyone else’s, well then that to me, is a successful product.

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