Visual Communication – Goh Shi Ya Trivia

A Child’s Worst Nightmare


Project Description

More often than not, parents partake in the induction of nightmares in little children on a daily basis. This is evident in the use of a disciplinary approach that involves instrumental lying, a manipulative practice that leverages on the fundamental premise of fear to threaten and scare the child into compliance. A Child’s Worst Nightmare is a project that attempts to bring to light the immediate ramifications that stem from the lie in terms of visual imagery, as well as discourage this abusive practice that instills a warped sense of morality and decorum.

Project Type

Mixed media installation

Dimensions & Medium

Bedtime Storybook of Lies:
841mm X 594mm,
mixed media (charcoal/digital print)

Chemigram Lampshades:
Varied size,
photographic chemicals
(developer, fixer, stopbath)


“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

A dreamer, an aspiring artist and a firm believer of life long learning, Trivia is a hybrid of various disciplines. She dabbles in different fields, such as photography and experiential design, to broaden her perspective on things. She is also a passionate enthusiast of image making, craft and publication design.

Proficient on both digital and traditional platform, Trivia employs a diverse range of media and technique to achieve a desired outcome, with versatility in style to boot. She seeks to capture the imagination of the audience by painting her own, derives great joy from experimentation and is always looking to explore new territories.

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