Photography & Digital Imaging – Goh Ye Ling

The Embodiment of Perfection


Project Description

The Embodiment of Perfection explores the different reasons behind the various beauty standards present in the different cultures that have transformed throughout the years by presenting different tools and products that people have used to achieve the ideal beauty standard through these different periods in time. These are objects that may leave significant side effects when used on the human body, even if some of them are used daily in the modern age. The Embodiment of Perfection shows the amount of risk that people, particularly women, have to put themselves through for the ultimate perfection of beauty.

Project Type



75cm X 75cm


Inkjet Print


Goh Ye Ling is an artist who is currently based in Singapore. She majored in Digital Imaging and Photography in Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design & Media (NTU ADM). She is a good observer and as an artist, she seeks to understand human nature and how it affects both our environment and us. This is evident in her photographic works, which offer an honest reflection of her thoughts on life and her feelings towards mundane issues or conflicts that occur silently on a daily basis.

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