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Have You Been Drinking?


Project Description

“Have You Been Drinking?” is a game where the player takes the role of the protagonist who is rushing home to avoid being caught for drinking. The game is designed to obstruct the player’s control, visual and audio, throughout his/her journey home. With the integration of LeapMotion, the player is required to interact with the interface through the use of simple hand gestures.

Project Type



Chan Ying Xuan Grace, Ho Suet Wei Elene,
See Kai Ling

Target Platform

Windows, Mac, or available through a web browser installed with Unity & LeapMotion Plugins.


Being a passionate and pragmatic advocate of Interactive Design, Elene sees technology as a catalyst to enhance experiences. She combines creative vision, design thinking and a deep understanding of both user experience and front-end technologies to design and build solutions that strike a perfect balance among users, business and technology. This ideology has allowed her to express design as a cohesive experience and makes her versatile in different kinds of work.

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