Visual Communication – Ho Yi Min



Project Description

A sense of place is key in giving us a sense of belonging – but what exactly gives us this sense in the first place? With aesthetics and forms of architecture serving as identifiers for various places, are our buildings merely infrastructure built for shelter and survival, or can they be elevated to works of Art?

Let RE-ENCOUNTERING re-establish the lost connection between people and the environment they live in by blurring the line between Art and architecture. Let it offer you a chance to re-encounter our Singapore buildings from a different perspective, allowing you to draw new insights from these everyday structures that we so easily take for granted.

Project Type

Mixed Media


Yi Min enjoys working with her hands, and this is expressed through whatever she makes and draws. Bits and pieces of imagination often pop into her mind – these are what inspire her fun creations. Her curious mind fuels her passion to explore working with different mediums, and her belief that work should always be delivered with utmost sincerity and quality means that she is constantly striving to improve herself.

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