Digital Animation – Isaac Benjamin Ng Chun Yi

Project Memoria


Project Description

The history of art has recently been filled with new technologies that are taking on the mantle of aesthetic representation. While games and interactive media has always been fascinating to me as they encourage and promote the concept of play and personal involvement, leading to greater forms of narrative and experiential storytelling; it is the recent coming and rise of the Virtual Reality (VR) concept that has grabbed my attention.

This project is an exploration of this new medium, asking some very simple questions; is it possible to elicit new forms of emotion when you immerse yourself in a fully 3D space? What sort of new effects and ideas may come from it? What is augmented, and what is fully changed?

Project Type

Game/ Interactive Exploration with VR Support (Oculus Rift)

Target Platform

Unity Engine targeted at the PC Platform


A mixed media artist, Isaac’s background is in traditional graphite, charcoal, and watercolour, with experience in Installation Work for his coursework submission for the GCE ‘A’ Levels, for which he received his Junior College’s Distinguished Service Award.  At ADM, he has expanded his digital repertoire to include Photoshop, 3D Modelling softwares, research into various Game Engines, and the new VR technology in Oculus Rift.

He has freelanced at Red Hare Studios as a concept artist for the PSN game Page Chronica, and worked online as Art Director with a team of fans in creating MLP: Online, a free RPG that was covered by both and

Contact 9684 2188