Visual Communication – Isaiah Law Kai Hua

‘heart knots’

heart knots_img02
heart knots_img02

Project Description

In a society where sexual activities and pornography are deem as taboo by the older generation, youths in Singapore tend to perceive them as normal and are expected to indulge in them. With that, people who struggle with that perception may seem abnormal and are unable to share their struggles.

‘heart knots’ is an exhibition carrying stories of these people through paintings. The artist hopes that audiences will spend time to look and understand them because patience and empathy is needed to understand their struggles.

Project Type

Fine art, publication


Exhibition of 3-4 canvas paintings each A1 in size.
1 A4 size publication book of the remainder paintings that was unable to exhibit.


Canvas paintings


From the start to the end of ADM exhibition


Driven by his faith as a Christian, Isaiah believes that regardless of your background, everyone deserve to be love and hence he finds interest in applying arts and design in the area of addressing social issues because he believes visuals have great power to inspire people to take action to be the change they want to see.

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