Product Design – Jin Suhuan



Project Description

Inspired by nature’s inclination towards the sun, Tess is a modular light installation that tessellates in response to sunlight. Designed to be fixed on clear glass windows to harvest solar energy, Tess comes to life in the day to “breathe” gently like a flower, transforming the interior space through dynamic shading. With its stored energy, it doubles either as a main light source, or a quiet ambient light in the evening, bringing the night sky into the house. The modules can be repeated to form a building facade or an entire window.

Project Type

Light Design, Facade Design


1200mm X 900mm, varies


Electroluminescent Panels, ABS


Suhuan loves to create beautiful things and drawings. She is an amiable and easy-going individual who works well with others. Having collaborated with many from multiple platforms ranging from Product, Film, Interactive Media and even to Engineering, Suhuan has proven to be both capable and a joy to have as a team member. Of these cross-disciplinary collaborations, some have won awards and are featured in design exhibitions. Her easy-going personality even extends to her food preferences, liking all sorts of food. She does regular Pilates and Blogilates to maintain a calm and composed disposition even in stressful situations.

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