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Value of Creative Commodities

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Project Description

Value of Creative Commodities is a two-part project that seeks to investigate the subjectivity of value through defining and understanding how materials are value-added. This can be said to be formed once they have gone through the process of branding and manufacturing.

Part I: Understand how commodities are valued. Rather than a methodological study, the project will focus on bringing in different perspectives of existing brand owners.

Part II: Construct in order to comment on the value of found materials as raw products that culminate in an eventual visual form.

Project Type



Publication – Dimension TBC


Capsule Collection – Resin, found objects from nature, gold


Aside from her interest and studies in visual communications, Ruiwei immerses herself in the world of wearable art and enjoys experimenting with unconventional materials to produce unique works that are rich in tactility.

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