Product Design – Kong Wen Yi

Light, Materiality and Senses

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Project Description

Lighting is a practical thing, and also an emotional thing. The project explores the relation between material, illumination and senses. The project seeks to understand the properties of porcelain and discovers new possibilities to experience the contrast between light and dark.

Each porcelain piece is handcrafted and unique. When the light is turned on, it unveils the subtle details through its translucency. Beyond focusing on the material, the project takes on a sensory rather than physical approach. It is about the illumination and its sensational experience, travelling between light and dark, and everything in between.

Project Type

Lighting Installation


280mm in diameter


Wood and LED


With a conceptual approach, Wenyi seeks to find poetic meaning in designing everyday objects. With a subtle minimalistic approach, her works directly respond to the surrounding environment and use everyday experiences from the designer as a starting point. She constantly engages in a creative process of ideation and explores the relationship between experimentation and physical implementation in the design process.

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