Visual Communication – Lek Yi Xian

Between Strokes


Project Description

Being one of the Five Classics of ancient China, I-Ching consists of a unique system with abstract combination of strokes. Applying the understanding of this stroke language, the project introduces and educates young adults on the wisdom of I-Ching as a form of Chinese cultural continuity.

While most are oblivious to this knowledge, there are deep philosophy and traditional thoughts in it, communicated through abstract strokes that form stylized pictograms and ideograms.

Furthermore, this project also aims to inspire the audience to embrace all things in life through the concept of change, relativity and balance.

Project Type

Publications & Motion graphics


B4 & B5


3 minutes


Coming from an art background with four years of painting experience, Yi Xian is a curious artist-turned-designer who is constantly seeking for new experiences. Specialised in branding, he is also a keen enthusiast of traditions and culture.

As a strong believer that design should go beyond the two dimensions, he always takes into account the experiential aspects of the design. Having embarked on a learning journey, he equipped himself with a broad range of skillsets such as editorial, illustration, photography and video editing. This would allow him the flexibility to venture across disciplines.

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