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Ambiguated Realities: The amalgamation of doubt

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Project Description

The amalgamation of doubt describes a skeptical relationship towards waning memory and the utopia of the present as it is steadily replaced by a simulacrum of rose-tinted splendor.

Where do buildings go to after they are torn down and demolished? Requiem’s Imprint is an imaginary graveyard for soon-to-be-gone buildings composed using landscapes and vernacular architecture gathered from Bukit Brown, Tiong Bahru, and Dakota estates. Requiem’s imprint encourages the audience to draw parallels between the fleeting, whimsical, ephemeral and illusory characteristics associated with the popular use of multiple photographic exposures and the reality of the subtle yet steady disappearance of Singapore’s heritage sites and buildings.

Project Type



Oil and inkjet print on canvas


Leonard enjoys travelling and finding inspiration from his surrounding environments. Buildings, spaces and places which make up the ever-changing fabric of the cityscape are recurring motifs in Leonard’s work and they appear through the intertwining of photography, photo-montage, painting, and video. As an NTU President’s Research Scholar, Leonard is interested in how the absence of disused landscapes within an urban setting results in an estranged relationship with heritage, and this is often conveyed through his artistic endeavours.

Leonard represented Singapore in Seoul, Korea as a featured artist in the 2014 ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Competition Exhibition: Lifestyle of ASEAN and his series Megacity was awarded the second prize in the Art Stage Singapore 2015 Student Competition.

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