Visual Communication – Leong Sin Mun Clarisa

Wander Wonderer


Project Description

In this fast-paced society, we are often rushing against time, neglecting our time spent alone. Instead of being in the moment, we are constantly filled with regrets from the past and anxiety of the future that lies ahead of us.

Wander Wonderer is a project that aims to encourage people to practise mindfulness and to live in the moment by being aware of the things that we do and to be awakened by experience. Seeking to espouse inspiration and renewal through our thoughts, this project aims to encourage others to spend time alone engaging with their senses and surroundings and ultimately find wonders in everyday life.

Project Type

Publication, Branding, Photography


Publication – 210mm X 280mm


Clarisa Leong is a graphic designer who enjoys adventure and experimenting with new mediums and crafts. Her works are largely inspired by her surroundings, personal encounters and nature. Apart from graphic design, she takes interest in photography. Seeing the world in a different perspective, she tells her stories through her images.

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