Visual Communication – Li Huiyuan

D:AMTWOTP (Distraction)


Project Description

D:AMTWOTP presents a range of playful and lighthearted distractions that fit into a fictional workstation. Through diverging user’s attention to seemingly mindless activities, the project intervenes the tendency to seek blindly after a desired outcome (objective). This project hopes to trigger the user’s curiosity as a form of motivation through this intervention. Ultimately, it questions existing negative connotation of the word “distraction”, and invites users to rethink their expectation of “distraction”. D:AMTWOTP stands for,

Distraction: A Mind That Went Out To Play.

Project Type

Experiential Design

Dimensions & Medium

Multiple dimensions and medium, including:
wood, acrylic, Blu Tack, sound module, cardboard, magnets.


Huiyuan has previously worked as a multimedia designer but prefers to make things with her hands. She spends her time befriending her toolbox and is most excited about exploring new mediums, techniques and possibilities. Last but not least, she secretly glitches under the moonlight.