Product Design – Liew Ming Jia

One more minute


Project Description


Something we read from timepieces.

Who can grasp this mysterious entity?  It is something we do not fully comprehend, yet we break it down into seconds, minutes, hours and say we do.

How strange it is, and yet it seems as though we have forgetten this fact and allow the relentless numbers and units to govern us.

‘One more minute’ tells time using the lifespan of a bubble. Each minute gives breath into a new one, and alludes to time as a beginning and an end, where life can appear and vanish just as suddenly.

Project Type

Wall Clock


520mm(L) x 100mm(W) x 520mm(H)


Liew Ming Jia loves exploring the blurred boundaries between art and design, preferably with her hands. When it comes to making things, the more intricate the work, the better.

Textures are a big draw and new ones make her “itchy hand”. She believes that by engaging the sense of touch, her works can convey their message deeper.

Like the cat she owns (…or is owned by?) Ming Jia is highly inquisitive. You might find her musing in a corner. Or off somewhere in the world: running with the bulls, tackling rapids or paragliding. Feel free to come along!

Contact +65 9125 8519