Visual Communication – Lim Jia Qing

Memento Books


Project Description

The main goal of Memento Books is to capture the stories of the elderly derived from their precious personal possessions passed down to the younger generation as a form of keepsake. Ensuring continuity of these possessions – stories and most importantly life values – the use of print and digital means is employed to bridge and reconnect intergenerational relations.

Project Type

Documentary/ Archival


Printed Publication and Web


I’m a graphic designer by trade and I like dabbling with photography, drawing people from time to time, reading, and observe things

around me. I adore contemporary designers such as Ash Thorp, where he often does graphic works found in movies and games such as Iron Man, Medal of Honour and Infamous 3. Basically, a keen and curious individual that desires to learn more about the world and how design could shape the world we live in.

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