Digital Animation – Lois Chng Si Qi

The Flowing


Project Description

THE FLOWING is a stop motion animation about how a planet is sustained by its creatures.

One of these creatures uses its energy to grow a forest, taking care of a special tree that will develop a fruit. After its role is done, it falls into a deep slumber and enters the ground. When it awakes after the tree bears fruit, it has to ensure the survival of this fruit. The fruit hatches into another creature, which is sent to another place, to grow its own forest. This is the story of nature and its cycles.

Project Type

Stop Motion Animation


Lois Chng Si Qi, Zhao Zimu


About 3 minutes


Lois loves working with her hands, creating works of art out of nothing. She thoroughly enjoys the process of stop motion and likes to craft and create trinkets. She hopes you will support her when she finally launches her e-commerce store that will sell all sorts of her lovingly handcrafted knickknacks.  Check out her website for a teaser of what you can expect. In her spare time, Lois can often be found trawling tumblr and gawking at the works of other artists.

Contact 9816 1534