Product Design – Low Cheng Ni



Project Description

Duality is a piece of furniture that has dual function – a seat and storage.

Many of today’s furniture are designed specifically to maximise space due to the challenges faced when living in a small environment. One of my main inspiration comes from the need to have such furniture, given the limited living space that I live in. To me, furniture is important because it can affect how a person lives. Specially-designed furniture can be a problem-solver to man’s needs and wants.

The objective of Duality, apart from its dual function, is to strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Project Type



450mm X 450mm X 500mm


Wood and metal


Cheng Ni is always hungry for knowledge and is someone who can persevere through challenges. She dares to explore the unknowns, often pushing the limits and challenging herself to achieve more. Because of the driven trait that she possesses, it adds prominence to her portfolio. Being “tenacious” and “bubbly” is what makes her an exceptional individual.

As an individual, Cheng Ni enjoys spending time looking at pictures of architecture or interior models. Her favourites are boxes as she often describe them as practical. These could be the reason why she is fond of organising things. Although she firmly believes in practicality, a small part of her fantasises about magical stories.

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