Photography & Digital Imaging – Low Yu Neng Lyn

The Quiet Voice, Inside


Project Description

Compelled to contemplate about the meaning of human existence, the artist embarked on this photographic project, The Quiet Voice, Inside to translate her desire to make sense of her abstract feelings and thoughts for what she had seen previously, which evoked epiphany and consciousness in her. The Quiet Voice, Inside is more importantly a song that sings a melody in its own rhythm, to draw us to the line between life and death, and one’s consciousness.

Project Type

Photography and Digital Imaging




Archival Prints


Low Yu Neng, Lyn (b. 1992, Singapore) works mainly with found materials and traces of human presence to form her photographic narrative and journey. Influenced by her personal experiences and encounters, she approaches her concepts and narration intuitively or rather emotionally.

Lyn is an undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University. She majors in Fine Art Photography and is currently studying under the School of Art Design and Media. In her works she aims to capture the “human moment” in her photographs to reveal a feeling or a sense, provoking people to think about their own being. In her previous works, she had dealt a lot with loss and recovery, presence and absence through her family.

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