Visual Communication – Melvin Lee Jun Hong

Paper Fantasy


Project Description

By exploring the relationship of an “Ancestor” and “Descendant”, we can investigate their connection and intertwined reliance. The act of burning paper offerings functions as a platform for this relationship to exist. It is a process of continual exchange that takes place between the living and the dead, which reinforces the fundamental Confucian value of filial piety.

This work characterises the relationship by constructing an imagined world conceived from the minds of the “Descendant”, that resemble a psychedelic space of extravagance and exaggeration.

Is burning paper offerings a duty of filial piety, or is it merely an emotional and spiritual assurance for the “Descendant”?

Project Type

Photography, Publication


About A3 size


Melvin is a keen learner and an avid discoverer in the field of Art and Design. Armed with enterprising eagerness to venture into new opportunities and equations, he is always on the go to derive solutions and seek alternative dimensions.

He explores the genres of graphic design, photography and mix media. Melvin’s artistic interest comes from Post Pop, Fauvism, and Modernism. His passion lies in strong traditional concepts and rich culture that are deep in humanistic touch.

All in all, Melvin favours an anthropological approach in his research, solution and design that is close to the heart for all.

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