Product Design – Natalie Gay Nian Ci



Project Description

Keepsake is a study on sentimental objects and the perception value. Often, people do not understand why others keep things that are past their due date. An adult keeping his smelly baby pillow or a girl keeping the movie tickets from her first date. But many can relate to it’s sentimental reasons behind keeping the objects. Keepsake hopes to reflect these narratives by using jewellery and a box containing the narrative to convey these reasons.

Project Type

Wearable Jewellery


Silver, Wood, Leather and Acrylic


Natalie is a budding miniaturist. She enjoys making everyday items into its miniature scale. She works with polymer clay, yarn, thread and mixed materials. She specialises in miniature food sculpting and micro crochet. She sculpts food items and turns them into wearable jewellery for her loved ones. Her new venture is in metal clay, where she sculpts items and fires them into hallmark silver. She hopes to teach all that she has learnt to others. Natalie likes to try new things and many a times stumbles upon a new interest. She also enjoys cooking, music and interacting with people.

Contact 9154 0989