Product Design – Neo Yong Qin

East Meets West

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Project Description

May 11, 1997. A date that lives in infamy for even the technophiles – IBM's Deep Blue, defeated the then World Chess Champion, Gary Kasparov.

The aftermath, though distinctively accentuated our ambiguous feelings, revealed the frustrations and inability of even the greatest human mind in chess against brute force computing.

Has the purpose been lost? One small defeat for a man turns out to be one giant contemplation for mankind.

What does "being then and there" mean for us humans?

Can we challenge the boundaries to revive this obscured, but once an undeniable proof of classical human ingenuity?

Project Type

Board game/ Chess


150mm X 150mm X 350mm,
370mm X 370mm X 270mm


Acrylic, Chemical Wood, PLA Plastic and Plywood.


This project seeks to explore mankind's primeval notion of incorporating hierarchies, aggression (warfare) and deceit in both the tangibles and intangibles, in order to achieve the ultimate victory. Despite its competitive nature, the author believes that classical chess is more than just a game. It is a glue that binds and strengthen generations after generations of friends and kinships together; a spiritual mill where camaraderie are forged from opposite ends of a table.