Visual Communication – Ng Pei Xiong Elvin


innersery | prints
innersery | prints

Project Description

Remember what it was like to be child, scribbling and doodling without a care in the world? At the Innersery, one is never too old to be a child again. It is conceived as an adult kindergarten that provides grown ups a step back to reflect on the nuances of childhood that resonates with contemporary days whilst never forgetting the notion of fun and folly. Based on the concept of the inner child, the curriculum framework advocates the childlike qualities such as curiosity, imagination and spontaneity in rekindling one’s creativity, and essentially to spark the inner child in adults.

Project Type



Handbook – 210mm X 148mm

Publication: a set of 3 hardback books
– 210mm X 148mm each

Flashcards: a set of 10 printed cards
– 105mm X 148mm each

Stationery Set, packaged in kraft finish box
– 180 x 95mm

Badges – 38mm diameter


Elvin considers himself a kidult, one who is always looking forward to new beginnings, having the itch to explore new challenges and enjoy the perks of being a child. He loves to journalise in unfettered style, spontaneously revealing any thoughts or imaginings that passed through his mind. His body of creative work is characterised by simple and synthetic graphics that aspires to maintain the honesty of a child’s aptitude for creativity, as well as bringing a smile to someone’s face.

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