Visual Communication – Ong Han Yu

Sweet & Sound: Promoting Sleep Hygiene for Children through Illustrative Narrative


Project Description

Sweet & Sound is a design project initiative aimed at promoting sleep hygiene for Pre-schoolers.

This project examines challenges in sleep hygiene practices and defines how illustrative design can ease the transition to bedtime for children. Illustrations are inspired by local imagery created using a mix  of traditional and digital medium.

By promoting good sleep hygiene at a young age, the project seeks to minimise sleep problems in children and promote their well-being.

Project Type

Mixed Media Publication


Illustrative children books and accompany materials


Han Yu believes that the pursuit of design excellence is always a learning journey, especially with the ever-changing way of communication.

She is always on the lookout for different techniques in print and illustrative design, studying various visual possibilities to connect ideas and perception. She aspires to create designs that highlight different perspective to the viewer through aesthetics and cultural significance. A fan of children illustrations, she likes to explore picture books that serve as many inspirations for her illustrations.

An avid coffee drinker, Han Yu supports the occasional kopi break for a power boost.

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