Visual Communication – Rachel Divya Danam

20 Years in Artefacts: Findings from Singapore 1995—2015


Project Description

The notion of being multiracial itself acknowledges the disparity in races of a society. As a minority with roots not only in the minority race but also minority ethnicity within that racial grouping, I would like to visualise my perspective on race in Singapore. My project seeks to inform viewers on my view of race in my environment through a lighthearted and humorous approach. The project consists of a simulated exhibition displaying ‘artefacts’ that, though humorous, speak about the issues I see in multiracial Singapore.

Project Type

Mix media exhibition


Publication – 220mm X 150mm

Artefacts – Various mediums and sizes including clay and plastic


Illustration, publication, digital print, artefacts


Rachel thinks that talking about herself in the third person is unusual but will go along with it for the sake of this paragraph. Her design work is a reflection of the environment she is placed in, her perspective on it, displayed in a lighthearted and humorous manner. She follows the principle of ‘form follows function’ popular with modernist architects in the 20th century where a balance between aesthetics, usability and experience is necessary.

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