Digital Animation – Shannen Madeline Chen



Project Description

ManMade follows the journey of a young boy into the deep as he finds out about the adaptation of sea creatures in response to pollution and environmental changes. Comprising of a team of two, the work combines live action with 3D-generated characters, and is the first underwater VFX short film done by ADM’s Animation students. Inspired by the short film “Factory Fifteen”, the entire film  primarily consists of underwater scenes, which visualizes the impact of the environmental change, and is hoped to be equal parts informative as it is entertaining.

Project Type



Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong, Shannen Madeline Chen


3 minutes


Shannen delights in being the youngest among her closest friends in animation, music and singing. She spends most of her free time watching movies and listening to music.

She has this to say about the said friends in animation: Diamond’s spring rolls and Kamelia’s cookies are delicious, Ee Venn, whom she regards as the “best painter in the universe” is fun to irritate. She is proud of being able to maintain her slim figure in spite of the amount of food she eats, much to the disdain of her friends.

Shannen can be very open if you get to know her. And you can get to know her by sharing some food.

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