Visual Communication – Sharilyn Ang Hui Xuan



Project Description

Developments of family bond have always been a significant concern in Singapore as it is the pillar and building blocks of her society. However, there has been recent notions that Singapore family ties are getting weak and fragile.

Foster is a project concern with parent-child interactions in early developments of family life, introducing a new experience in the process of food making to early childhood families as a recreational activity that aspires to foster family bonds within our present constraints.

Foster uses food preparation as a potential medium to imbue collaborative and creative experiences between parent-child from the food making process.

Project Type

Packaging, illustrations


Book – 18cm X18 cm

Kit – 30cm(W) X 23cm(H)


Sharilyn is an aspiring designer who believes that creative ideas are developed through balanced lifestyle, daydreaming and random chattering. She is an explorer who ventures out of her workspace to gain new insights and inspiring ideas for her creative work.

Besides work life, she enjoys sports, music and can be a big eater at times.

She believes that visual communications goes beyond mere aesthetics. Most of the time, it tries to communicate an idea, putting forth views or messages in forms that people can come to terms with. When people are able to see and feel with clarity, fresh perspectives may emerge, followed by the appreciation of the message behind it. This can cause people to re-examine their thinking and reflect on the subject placed before them.

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