Visual Communication – Sim Pei Yun



Project Description

We view, we perceive and we judge. Within mere seconds, assumptions and connections are made, not realising that our perceptions can be flawed and limited by our lack of awareness.

How we see plays a paramount factor in developing our identity and prejudice. Using concepts drawn from social and optical fields, Perception examines the complexity of Singapore’s social fabric as a “child of diaspora” through different degrees of interactions between immigrants and locals over a historical timespan. Perception does not aim to dictate what Singapore’s identity is but narrate the designer’s personal understanding of her nation through words and visual metaphors she associates with her encounters.

Project Type

Mixed Media Installation


Publication, Photography, Installation


Pei Yun has been doodling on her books since she could read. Upon discovering design, she is motivated to apply her creativity appropriately and harmonise different disciplines to present fresh inspirations. Her current interests lies in exploring social commentaries, philosophies and cultural designs to understand life better.

Pei Yun believes in having a job that she loves so she does not have to slog and has explored various creative fields such as Landor Associate, the NUS museum and MOE. When she is not designing, Pei Yun spends her time reading literature, exploring museums and harassing cats everywhere.

Contact 9821 1605