Visual Communication – Siti Suhaila Binte Mohamed Aris

Kingdom of Singapura

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Project Description

Kingdom of Singapura imagines a Singapore where race is never labeled as a factor in identifying its cultural identity. It is a presentation of a fictional but plausible nation that presents vignettes of blending Singapore’s early history and imagined present into a unique cultural identity. It invites viewers to rethink and reconsider our present definitions of cultural identity and it’s nuances.


Project Type

Mixed Media (Publication, print, fabric and acrylic badges)


Publication – 10.5cm X 15cm

Print – 26cm X 21cm

Acrylic Badges – 5cm X 5cm

Fabric swatches – 10cm X 10cm

Fabric bracelets – 11.5cm X 1.5cm

Fabric outfit – 63cm X 84cm


Patterns, geometry, colours and textures… she is obsessed with these. Suhaila likes observing things around her—people, objects, architectures—and sometimes they inspire her to translate it into her artwork. She hopes that her designs could inspire people, as much as how others, especially her family and friends, have inspired her.

On a personal note, she’s an idealist, perfectionist and a music lover. During her free time, she takes photographs, does music and entertains stray cats. She loves cats as much as design and wish to travel the world with them. I mean, who don’t love cats—even the Internet does!

Contact 9011 4450