Visual Communication – Tan Chu Yi Jedidah



Project Description

More than just a critique intended to address the issues of animal rights, Wooferland strives to explore a possible utopian futuristic city where all urban dogs will have the freedom to bask in pleasure and entertainment, even during the seemingly mundane hours of their daily lives in their owners’ absence. Through a whimsical and light-hearted depiction of their hearts’ desires, the work is an allegory of every urban dog’s dream — to have the freedom and comfort that its ancestors once luxuriated in. More fantastical than our current day reality permits, this project also challenges one’s preconceived idea of what reality should be, by pushing the boundaries and providing a vision of hope for the future of all urban dogs and dog lovers.

Project Type

Illustration, Publication


Jedidah is an illustrator and a designer who mostly resides in her own whimsical fantasy world that often shines through her works. She strongly believes that our playfulness should not be shelved as we grow older and is not afraid let her imagination run free.

She dreams to own an animal farm one day.

Contact 9829 7945