Visual Communication – Tay Shi Ying Anthea

ent x ant


Project Description

Offering an alternative vision and resource to protein, ent x ant is a supermarket installation that places the audience in a possible future where insects and other land-dwelling arthropods become a main protein source and part of one’s daily diet, replacing the proteins from meat we know of today such as chicken, pork, beef and fish. The purpose is to question the possibility of insects as food for first-world nations and critique on our indifference to the highly unsustainable meat-farming methods we exercise today that could potentially drive our meat sources to its end.

Project Type



Being highly in tune with her senses, Anthea takes inspiration from her daily surroundings. With a wide range of interests spanning from food to science to humans, her mind is never at rest with how she perceives and takes in information from the world. Her exploration in the everyday and mundane drives her to create and incorporate these subjects into design. Her style is highly adaptable and experimental, producing a myriad of styles and moods in her work. In her spare time, Anthea is a cook at heart who loves food, and one with daydreams to ride a whale.

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