Visual Communication – Tey Sing Liang Warren


Project Description

Memoirs is a fictional funeral parlour that provides bespoke funeral services that deviates from traditional approaches. The company believes that the funeral is a celebration and an extension of oneself. As such, Memoirs’ funerals are unique to each individual.

The visual identity takes the same initiative by adopting a flexible system of shapes and colours to visually reflect the different individuals. To further illustrate the idea, the logo was made by a set of custom typography of different font family. The intention was also to avoid falling into typical funeral visual identity cliches. Altogether, the visual identity includes several graphic design outcomes, which cohesively communicate Memoirs’ aims and objectives.

Project Type

Visual Identity


Warren is an aspiring designer who is critical of his works and probably why he is never happy with them most of the time. He enjoys designing visual identity systems, editorials, illustrations and typography. Outside of design, he loves travelling and dreams to work and travel in the future.

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