Digital Animation – Toh Seow Kit Adelene

7th Month


Project Description

A horror 2D animation, 7th MONTH is set in the 7th month that it is named after when the Chinese perform age-old rituals to appease the dead. The unwitting protagonist is a woman who disrespects the religion and gets punished for it by an underworld shadow. The semi-realistic character styling is deliberately meant for the audience to relate better to them. The film has a green-greyish colour scheme that is meant to create a general mood of trepidation. Enjoy…

Project Type

2D Animation


1 minute 30 seconds


Adelene Toh is a passionate artist with an interest in design, illustration and animation. She is proficient in multiple software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Nuke, and Maya. She is currently picking up DreamWeaver skills as she also has a keen interest in website design. Adelene has created projects in both traditional and digital mediums and aims to be a producer in the design industry in the very near future.

Contact 9365 1554