Visual Communication – Vannya Anjani

A Wallflower in a Garden City: Longing for Belongingness


Project Description

A Wallflower in a Garden City: Longing for Belongingness is a social-art-cum-visual-communications project that centers on the artist’s personal struggle against the chronic loneliness caused by her displacement in Singapore. It seeks to investigate the idea that loneliness is treatable, if not curable, through a mindful approach towards adventurous social experiences. Loneliness entraps minds in pessimism; to shed the negative presumptions, it might be necessary to confront the anxiety and challenge the established self-norms and conventions. The artist embarks on a restorative journey that carries her away from comfort, deliberately involving herself in prolonged interactions with strangers to rediscover her social potency and, along with it, her sense of belongingness.

Project Type

Social art & editorial design


Book – 28.4cm X 27cm X 4cm

Poster – A1

Mini printed guide – 28cm

Installation – A2


15 minutes of video on display by iPad/laptop


A lover of dystopias, pop-science, and Zen philosophy, Vannya is an optimist who believes that life is a never-ending journey of discovering her equilibriums. She incorporates the philosophy of balance and dualism in her designs, turning them into a melting pot of opposing forces—light and dark, noise and space, order and chaos, science and artistry. In search for a medium that allows for a direct communication between everyday life and the art world, she stumbled across social intervention art, for which her interest had steadily grown ever since. She writes fiction and illustrates imaginary characters in her leisure time.

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