Digital Animation – Yang Si Shuo

Cold Steam


Project Description

Cold Steam is one of the first ever visual effects final year projects in ADM. It is the story of a girl’s struggle for water in a post-apocalyptic world infested by mysterious creatures.

The 2-minute VFX film is shot with a green screen in a professional soundstage. It encompasses post-production elements such as full CGI environments, particle simulations, fluid effects, multi-pass compositing and animations.

As the pioneer batch of visual effects students in ADM, the film is also an example of a multi-disciplinary collaboration across different majors.

Project Type

Visual Effects Film


Chia Peng Yang Nicholas, Goh Peng Fong,
Yang Si Shuo, Yeo Shiyun


2 minutes


Si Shuo, a.k.a. Panda, is amicable and outgoing, unlike all the other ordinary pandas you probably know about out there.

With an enthusiastic work attitude, Si Shuo’s best trait is his creative thinking. He is also able to solve multiple problems quickly, no matter how technical they may be. His ability to swiftly pick up new skills makes him a competent and reliable team-player. Si Shuo is also inquisitive and open to different viewpoints, and is thus able to adapt to diverse situations.

Other than bamboo, Si Shuo’s interests include cooking, travelling, and keeping an aquarium.

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