Product Design – Ye Jiamin

Light Rings

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Project Description

Light Rings began as an exploration of alternative methods to plastic bottle upcycling beyond conventional recycling methods. By relooking at the ways in which one can manipulate the physical form of the plastic bottle instead of melting it, the project seeks to alter one’s perception of cheap disposable plastic by converting it into a ‘new’ material and form through shredding, forming a continuous plastic thread and creating an elegant series of modular lights that highlight the transparent and ephemeral quality of the plastic with prototyping technology. A myriad of configurations is achievable owing to the modular nature of the design.

Project Type

Product Design


Modular 3D printed parts, repurposed Plastic bottles, LED lights


As a young designer with a background in Interior Architecture and Product Design, Jiamin has a keen interest in interdisciplinary explorations to create works that integrate experimental technology with natural materials, with the aim of creating conversations between materials, spaces and context. The experimentation with conceptual ideas and seeking of unconventional solutions excite her. Being a tinkerer, she enjoys working with both prototyping tools and traditional techniques. Also, she believes in the act of crafting with one’s hands because the physical act of making allows one to learn beyond theoretical methods through evoking the senses; humans are tactile creatures after all.

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