Digital Animation – Zou Ling Xue



Project Description

The tale goes as follows: Winter arrives after Hades, lord of the underworld, snatches Persephone away from her mother, the goddess of fertility. For each passing season of spring, summer and autumn, Persephone has to spend 3 months away from earth, during which the fertility goddess would grieve and pay neither heed nor tend the land and the lives it supports. This project aims to develop visuals for potential game productions revolving around the classic tale of Persephone, including character designs, scene designs and plot-line graphics.

Project Type

Game Concept Illustration


Printed Visuals


Set on exploring the world beginning with a snowy night in 1990, Zou has always been grateful for her ability to draw decent-looking work. Her greatest interest second to wrangling reptiles is admiring her own creations for about a week and then trash them. Zou’s current inspirations in art mostly come from three areas: Films, anime and children. The Old Masters are constant reminders of timeless beauty while modern feature productions expand her imagination. She hopes that the heartfelt moments of both Miyazaki and Disney remain timeless and transcend notions of space. But first, they probably have to start somewhere, such as through the act of sharing them in a small classroom.

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