Sead: Smart Prayer Bead

Project Genre: Smart Prayer Bead Concept Design

Project Description: Prayer beads are traditionally used for counting prayer repetitions. With the rise of Tally counters, Digital rosaries or Apps as substitutes, it is evident that the community has embraced the use of technology in spiritual activities. Using technology in these aspects does offer experiences that traditional beads cannot. Sead is a project where tradition meets modernity and explores how technology or wearables can aid one’s commitment in praying. Sead tracks the user’s praying performance and motivates users to accomplish daily goals and form good, correct praying habits.

Sead: Smart Prayer Bead Screenshot 1
Sead: Smart Prayer Bead Screenshot 2
Sead: Smart Prayer Bead Screenshot 3

Previous student: Tan Wen Rong Paul

Next student: Valerie Mah Wan Xin