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The BFA in Digital Animation offers an advanced programme focusing on animation in all its forms. Designed to provide students with the fundamentals of the art and the craft. Areas of concentration within the curriculum include 2D hand-drawn animation, 3D character animation, stop-motion, experimental animation and creative visual effects. The philosophy of the programme emphasises creativity, imagination and critical thinking processes with the aim of giving its students the conceptual and creative tools necessary to their development as animators of world-class calibre.
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Ang Yi Zhi Au Chong Weng Bernard Su Guo Hao Cai Lixian Chang Wei Kiang Jerly
Chang Wei Kang Tho Chan Wei Qi Chia Ying Herng Chong Ren Rong Chua Tin Giap
Chua Yi Fang Dessy Sudjana Dionisius Kartalaksana Dominic M Foong Hafizah Abdul Wahid
Hans Christian Sulistio Hsu Sze Yun Joan Huang Shicong Huang Xin Hui Lau Shu Hui