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The BFA in Digital Filmmaking offers a comprehensive education in the theory and practice of narrative film production. The curriculum provides a complete foundation in existing cinematic and production techniques as well as recognising that the future of film lies in its relationship with new technologies. Technology is changing how we tell stories, how we create images, and how we present them to the world; the test for existing and nascent filmmakers and media artists is not only to tell compelling stories, but also to think beyond the screen. With the latest resources in digital filmmaking at their disposal, students within this programme are nurtured to lead the challenge of the next generation.
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Aida Azlin CaiMiaoqin Charmaine Oon Chee Wei Ling Wendy Chung Xu Yong Andy
David Lee Ling Wei Goh Kunlei Goh Qidi Joseph Peng Koo Chia Meng
Lee Ke Xin Lee Shuxian Leong Xiuming Li Minghui Loo Yuan Rong Jeannie
Muhammad Zulkifliamin Bin MdZainotdini Oh Ji Ji Patricia Shiu Ridzwan Aziz Roseane Kala