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The BFA in Visual Communication presents a comprehensive curriculum, preparing students for the challenges of an increasingly amorphous field. No longer just print and packaging, contemporary visual communications practice has grown to include motion graphics, environmental graphics, interactive and web design and the field continues to evolve rapidly. Based on process and critical thinking and entrenched within a culture of experimentation, this programme creates versatile designers who will be the future innovators of visual communications in Singapore and the world.
Ang Tze Qi Kelly Chang Shing Huey Cheah Siew Ling Joanna Chen Huimin Jackie Cheong
Chua Xiulu Farah Siman Fong Wan Fon Karen Lincoln Goh
Hana Boenjamin Ku Kai Rong Lai Hang Chi Lam Si Yun
Lau Shu Hui Lee Chang Zhi Cheryl Lee Enyi Leong Seok Hoon Stephanie Leu Wei Chang Alvin