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ADM Show 2020: Unseen to Seen

Everything starts with an idea. A glimmer of thought that lingers long enough for us to capture. An invisible energy brewing inside our minds, ultimately manifesting as images, objects, and spaces. Ideas spur insights. Insights fuel ambition. A lens through which multiple perspectives converge, unveiling the themes that shape our worldview. It beckons us to take a stand, to be fearless and bold in expressing ourselves the best way we know how: by creating. The embodiment of our thoughts breathes life into the obscure and the silent; hidden entities are brought to light. This is our vision, a testament of our desire to disrupt the status quo. This is the world refocused through our lens.

*Digital Animation and Digital Filmmaking will be having their industry screenings, to be announced at a later date. Follow our Facebook page for updates!

Chair's Message

Chair's Message

UNSEEN TO SEEN – Michael J K Walsh
A lot has happened since I taught all of you in the Introduction to Art History class back in the first semester of your first year. Not everything in the past four years has been predictable though and some events, especially more recently, have proved quite challenging.
As artists and creatives, however, you are well-trained to deal with whatever comes your way: you are the first to adapt to, then lead, change; you are assertive, not passive; you are proactive, not reactive; and you welcome the search for innovative global solutions to unforeseen problems. The ‘Unseen to Seen’ digital show, launched in the age of COVID19, demonstrates exactly that point, even in its title. In times such as these ‘vision’ is priceless.
Of course, it is disappointing not to have had a final year show at the time and place that was originally planned, but on the other hand - look at this wonderful online experience that is reaching out across the world right now as we speak. It is the perfect coming together of Art, Design and Media in a global shop window that we could not previously have hoped for. Take a moment to observe and celebrate your own tenacity and flexibility in the quest for excellence, even in the midst of all of the uncertainty that led to the postponement of the original on-site show in the first place. Be proud of your unshakable desire to search for, and to create, a better, fairer and more beautiful world (I’m particularly excited about the Sustainability Award that is being announced at this event). And be confident that would-be employers out there are taking note of this year’s ‘special’ graduating cohort who have risen to the challenge when others in your situation might have become dispirited or downhearted.
Perhaps Plato was not so far off the mark when he noted that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. Or, in the spirit of humility (which I generally prefer), maybe we should focus instead on the words of wisdom offered in Christopher Robin’s entreaty to Winnie the Pooh: ‘Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.'
Let me sign off then by offering my congratulations to all of you. We, as a school community, are proud of you and we hope in return that you are proud, and will remain proud, of your association with us at ADM.


Valedictorian's Speech

By Sylvester Tan
NTU School Art, Design & Media
Class of 2020
Good evening Professor Walsh, faculty, and friends,
I’m honored to be given this opportunity to deliver this speech for the class of 2020. Firstly, I want to congratulate my fellow graduates on reaching an important milestone in your academic journey. Today is a day in which we celebrate the perseverance, sweat, and even tears that went into the hard work which has brought us to where we are today.
At the very beginning of our ADM journey, some of us had a very clear picture of what kind of designers or artists we wanted to be and some of us were just discovering what that was. But one thing was extremely clear, that ADM had given us different opportunities and provided us a safe space to explore, to experiment, to fail, and to learn. I still remember after the fun and exciting ADM orientation camp was over, we were struck with the reality that we were no longer in Junior College or Polytechnic. Our classes were in full swing, we were in for long hours of foundation classes where we had to force our creative juices to flow. For people who had no prior art and design background or skill set, myself included, it was especially challenging having to put in extra time and hard work to have a level playing ground in our field.
Hence, I would like to thank the people who have guided and supported us through this journey. I was very fortunate to meet lecturers and professors who greatly helped their students along the way. Somehow, they always knew how to bring out the best in us. Whether it was just simple motivational words like “I know you can do it, keep pushing yourself”, or, much to our dismay, telling us, “it’s good, but it could be better.” We can in no way repay you for the time and effort you have expended on us, but be assured that whatever good we do, and whatever contributions we make to society as we go forth, is a multiplication of your efforts, in each and every one of us. To our families and friends who always supported us, and lent a sympathetic ear to our frustrations, you have also played an integral role in bringing us to where we are today and for this, we want to thank you.
When we first began our ADM journey, we envisioned ourselves becoming graphic designers, film directors, photographers and much more. We then spent the last four years developing our knowledge and skills in our major, trying to make what we have envisioned a reality. Unfortunately, in this final lap, our journey to achieving our goal had been disrupted by the pandemic. I know everyone was feeling stressed out and lost. Our year-long final year projects have had to be compromised in one way or another and some found it difficult to adapt to new ways of doing things or translating their work into a digital format. Amidst all the turbulence for the past few months, I would say we have successfully adapt to this difficult situation and it is, in my opinion, an important quality for artists and designers.
Most of us might wonder what’s our next step? Especially going out into the world in this uncertain climate? For some it may be a good opportunity to continue their education, while to most others it marks the start of their chosen profession. Whatever we choose to do next, we can be assured that having been through this major disruption, we can and will have the tenacity to overcome whatever challenges are ahead of us, and succeed. We have been given the tools with which we can forge any life we so choose. Whichever path they may go down, I want to wish my peers all the happiness and fortune this life may bring.
We should all be proud of who we are, and confident that we can contribute significantly to today’s ever-changing world. We may not yet fully comprehend the value of all the things we have learned here, but recognise that if we just do the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves. And I think the world requires a new generation of people who will effect a positive change and go beyond the call of duty; we are part of that generation. As artists and designers, it is our responsibility to go into the world and do our part in bringing about this change by effectively applying our skill sets, making not only ourselves, but our families and ADM proud. In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote from RuPaul Andre Charles. “When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.”
Thank you.


ADM FYP Sustainability Award 2020

The scope of the award is to encourage ADM students to think about human relationships to the natural world in their creative practice and address key problems in an unconventional and inspiring manner. An award for the best FYP in response to this is selected by an international jury.


Sheryl Sim: Hz
Lau Eng Seng: Still Alive Series (2020)

Mok Jiaman: Encounter

Viena Lee Lin Tsin: Fertile

Margaret Suhasini Anthony: 21 July



Astrid Kensinger
Lecturer, Interactive and Visual Communication: Queensland University of Technology (Australia), former Asst. Prof at ADM, co-founder of Sustainability Team ADM. Artist and design activist.
Prof. Ben Shedd
Inaugural Peter Wallenberg Guest Professor of Visual Science Communication, Linköping University (Sweden) and former Professor, Digital Filmmaking at ADM NTU. Sustainability Team ADM. Global Independent Documentary Science Filmmaker.
Dr. Chu Kiu-Wai
Asst. Prof at HSS, Green Humanities, NTU Singapore
Dr. Faizah Binte Zakaria
Asst. Prof at HSS, Green Humanities, NTU Singapore
Isabelle Desjeux
Independent artist and researcher (Singapore)
Meridel Rubenstein
Vstg. Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media, NTU, Singapore 2007-18; Adjunct Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona 2015-; Visiting Researcher,  Department of Science and Technology, Media and Information Technology, Linköping University, Norrköping, Sweden 2020-21; Project Director, Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden Project, Nature Iraq NGO, El Chibaish, S. Iraq 2011- Art Studio: Santa Fe, New Mexico  USA
Dr. Miles Powell
Assoc. Prof at HSS and Coordinator for Environmental Humanities Research Cluster, NTU Singapore